10 December 2005

Understanding 4th Generation Warfare

Politics today are not simple. Many changes are taking place across a broad sprectrum of issues and technological developments.

Back in October 1989 an articel appeared in the Marine Corp Gazette Entitled:

"The Changing Face of War: Into the Fourth Generation"

The link is above in the title. As you read through the article I think you will find that all the current issues related to the outsourcing of propaganda to folks like the Lincoln Group are more than likely a necessary component of the new 4th Generation of warfare, albiet, combining it with the current trend of outsourcing it from the a controlled organization like the DIA, CIA, or State, who all take an OATH, and are bound to an ideological ideal, to a COMPANY whose' motivation is the creation of wealth for it's owners, is probably not a good idea. Let's keep this stuff with the warfighters who take an oath and have a basic sense of duty to one another... basic psy ops about how guys in a trench fight for each other an dnot an ideal... companies move where the money is... the more the money the less ethics play a role.

Perhaps this is also why I have a dislike for Rummy. It seems from my rudiemantary understanding that mor espec ops guys are needed. and not just ground pounder spec ops guys. I'm talking about spec ops teams that act like the special rapid-response teams in hospitals. These innovative teams have be proven to cut death rates by 20%! Applying this to military units who examine every aspect of national security, from how to maintain US defense manufacturing capacity if the H5N1 Virus removes 40% of the labor force, to understanding how regular citizens, just doing their jobs can be brought to play a role in observation of potential threats to national security whether it be on wall street in a trading house or at ....
well, I blathered on a bit here just trying to get across a bunch of different concepts at once...

The Universtiy of Pittsburgh Medical Cneter is testing the type of system I am describing with a new protocal called "Condition H"

wow, I think this is the most I have opined thus far on my blog....

after you read one the outline in the link above you might want to click over to the article entitled:
On War #141: "It Ain’t Fair", By William S. Lind:

an excerpt:

"If we look at this practice from a Fourth Generation picture, what do we see? On the surface, it looks as if Islamic non-state elements are making a major blunder. Fourth Generation war theory, drawing from John Boyd, argues that the moral level of war is the most powerful, the physical level is the weakest and the mental level lies somewhere in between. It would seem obvious that when Islamic elements set off bombs that kill other Islamics, they work against themselves at the moral level. To some degree, this is certainly the case. Bombings such as those in Jordan do turn some Moslems against al Qaeda in other similar groups."

Now, back to Rummy... perhaps he wanted to use smaller forces to win in Iraq. He did. But no one questioned that that was going ot happen. Winning 4th gen warfare is a longer slog. By conventional warfare standards in 1st or 2nd gen we won about 3 months after we crossed the border into Iraq.

What we have to understand is that nation building, although part of our national defense, is a different problem...


alright, now I wrote something. I'm open to comment...

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