01 November 2006


U.S. intelligence unveils spy version of Wikipedia
Tue Oct 31, 2006 6:39pm ET
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This from Wikipedia:
"Intellipedia is a classified wiki that runs on JWICS, the top-secret network Intelink that links the 16 agencies that comprise the U.S. intelligence community. It is not accessible to the public.
Intellipedia is a project of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence - Intelligence Community Enterprise Services (ICES) office headquartered in Fort Meade, Maryland. As of October 2006, it contains 28,000 pages and 3600 users.[1] It includes information on the areas, people and issues of interest to those communities. Intellipedia uses MediaWiki, the same software used by the Wikipedia free-content encyclopedia project.[2] Unlike Wikipedia, Intellipedia also contains a great deal of non-encyclopedic content including meeting notes and items of internal, administrative interest. The wiki provides so much flexibility that several offices throughout the community are using it to maintain and transfer knowledge on daily operations and events. Anyone with access to read it has permission to create and edit articles.
Since Intellipedia is intended to be a platform for harmonizing the various points of view of the agencies and analysts of the Intelligence Community, Intellipedia does not enforce a neutral point of view policy.[citation needed] Instead, viewpoints are attributed to the agencies, offices, and individuals participating, with the hope that a consensus view will emerge. A number of projects are underway to explore the use of the Intellipedia for the creation of traditional Intelligence Community products. In the summer of 2006 a National Intelligence Estimate on Nigeria was started using Intellipedia as the main collaboration tool.[1]
A sister project is being run on the U.S. Government Secret-level network known as SIPRNet. It is intended to serve a similar purpose for U.S. diplomats and DoD personnel who are the predominant users of this network. As of September 2006, this wiki had over 13,000 articles.

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