21 August 2007


I would strongly recommend clicking on the link above int he title. This overview will not only inform you about Intellipedia, but also migh give you some insights on how to utilize current technology in yoru own business systems.

Briefing on "The Intellipedians"™ The social software movement within the U.S. Intelligence Community
A cadre of U.S. intelligence analysts is working to shake-up the ways that national security intelligence has been customarily shared, sifted, and presented to policymakers. Using simple collaborative software tools and instituting "new rules" for mashing the data, the "Intellipedians"are slowly changing a mindset molded by years of stove-pipes and intelligence hoarding.

In this Web audio-slide presentation, Chris Rasmussen, Knowledge Management Officer, Intellipedia, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, talks about what it's like to work as an Intellipedian, the rules they live by, and how the new tools are helping transform the ways of the intelligence-processing for good. Rasmussen made this presentation at FCW's recent Spring Government CIO Summit, in Ft. Myers, Fla.

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