21 January 2006

A Conservative Against Bush blog

People keep questioning whether or not I am a Republican. Well, I will tell you what my values are and why I think I am a Republican and you tell me why I am not. Perhaps the Republican Party has changed in the last 5 years and I did not get the talking points memo.

I am a Conservative Republican.

To me this means:

I support States'Rights.
I support Fiscal Responsiblity in Government.
I support Lower Taxes for everyone (not just the rich).
I believe in small governement.
I believe in self reliance and limited social programs.
I believe in a strong military.
I believe in policies that are beneficial for business YET responsible at the same time.
I am a Christian.
I believe in the Right to bear arms.
I believe in Family Values.
I believe in Truth, Honesty, Integrity, and Compassion.

So tell me why I am not a Republican? Because I do not blindly follow the Bush Administration over a cliff?

Bush has destroyed our budget, taken power away from the States, created more government, and is not honest nor does he have integrity.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the NeoConservatives do not share the same Republican Values I share. They want to dominate the world through military might. I do not beleive in this.

To accomplish their goals they are willing to bankrupt the United States, build new huge government departments, and sacrifice the economic well being of this country. Why other Republicans don't see this is beyond me.

Or have all Republicans become NeoConservatives? Is that it? Are there no real Republicans left? Is it all about Federal Power, Military Dominance, and controling the world at the expense of the American People? Is that what the Republican Party is now about?

Because that is what the Bush Administration is all about. I wish more Republicans would wake up to this fact so that we can take our party back.

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