02 March 2006

Did you goto the Superbowl?

Well, then good, your face is now on file!

BigBrother is now watching, and he's going to watch more and more. Is that a bad thing?

"Human identification from facial features has been studied primarily using imagery from visible video cameras. Thermal imaging sensors are one of the most innovative emerging techonologies in the market. Fueled by ever lowering costs and improved sensitivity and resolution, our sensors provide exciting new oportunities for biometric identification. As part of our involvement in this effort, Equinox is collecting an extensive database of face imagery in the following modalities: coregistered broadband-visible/LWIR (8-12 microns), MWIR (3-5 microns), SWIR (0.9-1.7 microns). This data collection is made available on this Web Site for experimentation and statistical performance evaluations. During Phase I, initial performance evaluations will be made to assess the utility of thermal infrared images for face recognition, detection and tracking...." more on the link above.

Also check out:
http://www.equinoxsensors.com/products/HID.html (which is where the above info came from)

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