14 March 2006

Energy prospects after the petroleum age

This past weekend my younger brother stopped by my house to help me plan out my summer projects (please note this is one of MY projects and not one of my boss's, er, my lovely wife's, projects) He started a discussion with me about world energy consumption and I needed to cut him a bit short as there where but 12 laps left in the F1 race in Bahrain and this the opening race of the season! What a great start! So many people said so many bad things about Max Mosley but DAMN, I love the new qualification system! Did you see Kimi coming up through the ranks?!?! How bout Nico? Is he a chip off the block or what? Damn.

oh, oops. Oh yea, I was talking about Energy with my brother and never finished the conversation. (obviously he's a NASCAR fan... not that there's anything wrong with that... and cares nothing about open wheel, chicanes, aero etc etc)

Thought you might want to check out the following to answer more all of those questions. Here you go Patrick:

This is also off of Norbert Walter's site at Deutsche Bank site

"The growing scarcity of fossil energies must be addressed with intelligent, future-proof strategies. In the longer run, securing energy supplies will be possible only with a broad range of measures. The needs of the moment call for the use of all available levers - the diversification of energy carriers and technologies and the mobilisation of all conservation, reactivation and efficiency-boosting strategies

In the 1990's, low energy prices seemed to suggest that energy supplies were secure. The present surges in the price of oil as well as the power outages in North America and Europe tell a different story: the urgent need for energy policy to target secure supply. At the latest when discoveries of new reserves fall short of demand, energy prices will climb significantly. The supply situation is being made more acute by the growing hunger for energy in China and India. In the longer term, securing energy supplies will only be possible through a broad range of measures."

You really must click through to this. It is very very informative and I can't even begin to try to highlight all of the great information in this paper...

Again, this is from Norbert Walter's site. yes yes I'm stealing all this info but it's the Best Form of Flattery y'know?!?

Not to shift gears back to F1, but it's a sad day now that Spa is off for 2006. What happens when GP racing doesn't use petrol?

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