15 January 2007

An Old Idea...

From the press anouncement of Imperial War Museum's T.E. Lawrence exhibition, autumn 2005 - spring 2006: iwm.org.uk
The Imperial War Museum is to display for the first time a newly-discovered map outlining TE Lawrence's proposals for the reconstruction of the Middle East at the end of the First World War. These proposals, never before seen in such detail, show that Lawrence opposed the allied agreement, which eventually determined the borders of Iraq as it is today. The document is one of a number of previously unseen exhibits featured in Lawrence of Arabia: the life, the legend, a major new exhibition at the Imperial War Museum London about one of the most famous British icons of the twentieth century.
The peace map, recently uncovered in The National Archives, Kew, illustrates the proposals Lawrence made to the Eastern Committee of the War Cabinet in November 1918.
As a British officer, Lawrence's work was protected by Crown Copyright. If the map was published, the copyright expired 50 years after publication, eg. 1969. If the map was not published, the copyright possibly expires in 2040. See Crown Copyright for details.
The copyright status is difficult to determine but since this is a unique map its use on Wikipedia can be considered "fair use".

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