17 January 2007

Wires in the Brain?!?!

Ok there is a new set of series premier's on PBS. The first one aired tonight:

"Rodolfo Llinas tells the story of how he has developed bundles of nanowires thinner than spider webs that can be inserted into the blood vessels of human brains.

While these wires have so far only been tested in animals, they prove that direct communication with the deep recesses of the brain may not be so far off. To understand just how big of a breakthrough this is—US agents from the National Security Agency quickly showed up at the MIT laboratory when the wires were being developed.

What does this mean for the future? It might be possible to stimulate the senses directly - creating visual perceptions, auditory perceptions, movements, and feelings. Deep brain stimulation could create the ultimate virtual reality. Not to mention, direct communication between man and machine or human brain to human brain could become a real possibility.

Llinas poses compelling questions about the potentials and ethics of his technology."

You should check out the website and then watch the "wiring your brain" episode. Like WOW! People talking to each other through networked brains?!?!? Military Troops communicating by thought?!!?! Pretty crazy stuff!

"Many scientists and futurists believe we are on the verge of a technological revolution that will look like a page ripped directly from a scifi novel.

22nd Century dives head-first into this brave new world on Wednesday, January 17, 2007, at 8 pm.

The program is one of three science pilots airing on PBS in January; only one pilot will move forward to become a series. Watch online or on-air and then tell us what you think of the program using the feedback form below.

In the premiere episode, guests arrive from the future, past and present to guide you through a quirky tour of the “World Wide Mind,” an intriguing theory that proposes that in the future our brains will be wired up so that we can communicate with the world effortlessly and instantly.

Science fantasy or futuristic nightmare? Watch the show and decide for yourself! Tune in on the 17th or come back January 1st to stream the program here."

After checking out the PBS site go here and check this out:

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