20 February 2007

The Earth is 6000 years old! Good God!!!

Ok, Take a look at this graph.... If you don't understand it then click the link above and find out why the earth is only about 6000 years old.

Then read this link:


Anonymous said...

lol I was searching for my old GNN threads and found this. That's my article you're actually referencing there in the link. I hope for your sake you're not using that graph for anything more than entertainment.

Anonymous said...

So who are "you"? You posted as anonymous. It does not seem likely that you are Dr. Humphreys AND you wrote the "my old GNN threads".

If you are Dr. Humphreys is there an issue with referencing your article? I would think that you would want more people to see it. Most of my blog posts try to present both sides of an issue. I hope that presenting a point-counterpoint does not offend you.

I would be more than happy to remove the picture if you where to send me an email to verify that you are who you claim. I thought it was quite an eyecatcher and you note that the link refers to YOUR article...