11 February 2007

Uranium Enrichment Calculator

Uranium Enrichment Calculator
How long does it take to enrich enough Uranium to make a nuclear weapon if one already has an enrichment cascade and consistently adds centrifuges to that cascade? The following calculator allows a user to specify the number of centrifuges in the initial cascade, the yearly Separative Work Unit capacity of each centrifuge, and the number of centrifuges added to the cascade per day. From this information, the user is then provided with an estimate of the number of days and years it would take to produce 50kg of highly-enriched (90% U235) Uranium; the amount required for a gun-type weapon assembly.

In regards to recent events, the user may wish to choose 165 centrifuges as this is the number that Iran claims to have operating in its present enrichment program at the Natanz facility. It should also be noted that P-1 centrifuges can be run at 2-3 kgSWUs per year and that P-2 type centrifuges can run up to 5 kgSWUs per year.

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